Finding Albie Finch is a new take on the “bromance” film - a story about Albie Finch and Marcos Lopez, two men who couldn’t be from more opposite worlds. And yet, they are men bound by the mutual pain of being outsiders in their own lives.

When we first meet Albie - an acerbic, wealthy, gay, alcoholic novelist in his late 50s, he has just moved back to his hometown outside San Antonio, Texas after many years in Los Angeles. He’s at the end of his rope – both physically and emotionally. His young lover has just left him, he is invisible in the gay world unless he is opening his checkbook, he lacks all inspiration to write, and his liver is almost completely shot.

On the morning after a depressing night at home drinking alone, a drunken Albie drives to the liquor store to stock up on more booze. But on the drive home, he crashes into Marcos - a straight, homophobic, adrift mechanic in his late 20s - totaling Marcos’ motorcycle. To make it up to Marcos – and perhaps with ulterior motives - Albie offers to hire him to do much-needed work around his large, neglected rural home.

Needing the money to get his life back on track – which includes winning back his daughter and wife, who he lost due to his often impulsive and hot-headed behavior - a suspicious Marcos reluctantly accepts. But, it’s a classic case of “hate at first sight.”

Over the stretch of a hot Texas summer, as the two men work together, an unlikely friendship develops. But this doesn’t come easy, as their days are often punctuated by explosive arguments and eruptions of unpredictable chaos.

Nevertheless, through all the experiences they share - including many sublime and hilarious moments - they start to bond in a way that neither expected. And what first drew them together – their sense of disconnectedness in the world -  compels them to forge a unique friendship that may be the very thing that changes and saves them forever.


Finding Albie Finch, at its core, is about how friendship can heal even the most broken among us. It’s about the most universal human need: to connect and belong in the world. The film takes you on an emotional ride, both hilarious and touching – one you’ve never been on before, and one you won’t soon forget.